Here you go. Everything you could ever want to know about me that you could learn in one page. Ready?


I am 27 years old and finally starting to see something solidify. Some call it goals, others accomplishments. What ever you want to call it I think it is starting to come together. Currently I am preparing to move my family to Austin TX. I am not throwing any dates out there yet as employment and other issues are sure to arise. That being said it should be soon. Within the next few months we are hoping. Why am I moving to Austin? This will help. I just finished art school, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh So I am looking for a design job. Know anyone who needs a designer?


I have a wonderful, beautiful, courageous, compassionate, caring wife named Tandra. You can find out all about her here. We have a 19 month old son named Addison who is changing my whole world everyday! Man, he is growing up. He is my buddy. Here is something really cool… we are having another little bambino!! What in the world? Tandra is pregnant and we are really, really excited. So about 7 months down the road there will be another Peters. I think I want a boy. What do you think it is?


God. I’m a learner and a lover. Art (more on this later) Music. I’m into all kinds. I dig electronic, (ambient, house, progressive, jungle, drum & bass), punk, folk, classical, indie, alt-country, (thanks to Ryan). The list goes on but you get the gist.


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