The empty frame

•December 15, 2006 • Leave a Comment

the frame

You’ve been given an empty frame. An opportunity of sorts. Often times you may be unaware that this frame even exists. What if suddenly you were no longer unaware. A realization, if you will. Not only of the frame, but that you could put anything you wanted into the frame. What would you fill your frame with? Who will look at your frame and what will they see inside?

Would you enjoy the things that you put into your frame? Or would you simply put something there because you thought that you had to. A duty. A requirement. After all you have this frame and something should go in it. Would you take your time and plan? Would you invest in only the best materials? Would you seek out training to masterfully assemble the elements that you would present in your frame.

What if you didn’t even fully understand what it would look like in the end. Would you still dream and hope, think up, invent, concoct, devise, hatch, create, and work out your masterpiece?

What if you knew that it would take a lifetime to construct? What if you thought that you might not even get to finish. Would you still pursue it?

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