I have been reading tons of books about the kingdom of God. Which can somehow put you in a get out there and do something for God state of mind. Or at least it can for me. I begin to think that some how something needs to be built and things need to be accomplished. Build a ministry, tell someone the gospel, give more money, recycle your trash, or buy Product Red stuff. While all of these things are in and of themselves good I think we are still missing the point. I think that the kingdom speaks the loudest in more subtle ways. Less noticed ways. Jesus said that the kingdom of God was like a mustard seed. The smallest of all seeds. Yet when it was grown was the largest. What does that mean? I think the kingdom of God is pushing back the darkness. It is an opportunity to care. To love. To say a kind word to someone you work with. I think this is the now of the kingdom. Those things often go unnoticed much like a mustard seed would.

I think that if the kingdom was not present all hell would break loose. And maybe it is the grace of God through the present kingdom that any good is seen or felt at all. Is that what the kingdom is? Can we plan and work for that? Can we orchestrate it or make opportunities for that? I suppose so. But somehow I get lost in the doing and forget about what it is that I am doing it for. I think Jesus gives a good example of how the kingdom breaks through when he is washing his disciples feet. The kingdom comes through when dirty, filthy things are made new through love and humility.

I want to look for those opportunities to build the kingdom. To restore someone or something through humility and love.

Why do the birds snatch that away so quickly?


~ by dallasbpeters on January 25, 2007.

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