Contributing to the Project

A while back a dear friend of mine introduced this idea to me. I was really busy with school and life at the time and had little time to think about it. Well it is back. And it is haunting me. It is calling me to take action. It is calling me to a new understanding of something that I have skimmed over and never really given a second glance. Like a lot of things that I talk about I never let them permeate the busyness of my life.

This concept is the reality kingdom of God. Of course the kingdom of God is not a new concept. But for me the reality of such a kingdom is a new concept or at least an old concept with a fresh perspective. What is this kingdom that we hear Jesus talking about so often in the Gospels, (over 100 times). What does it look like. Can we even see it. Is it now? Is it coming? Who can see it?

Jesus says things like “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” And in another place he says that “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.” So does that means that the kingdom is here, now? Or is it a place that is yet to come? For the longest time I operated as if it was a place that was ensuing but had no practical purpose for today. I suppose I could have replaced kingdom with heaven. They meant the same thing to me. But I am learning to see the kingdom now. Beginning to understand that it is coexisting in this material world.

And even more the scriptures tell me that I am a citizen of this kingdom. And I can participate in the building of it, today. Then I begin to wonder how that happens. It is like the kingdom is always there, but we have to uncover it. To reveal it. Is that our job as citizens? To expose the beauty and goodness and reality of this kingdom. I think that maybe it is. Love, compassion, mercy, grace, beauty, meaning, purpose, joy, pleasure, healing, redemption, forgiveness. I think that these are the building blocks of this kingdom. And I get to help build. If I would only look for it.

I think this was Christ’s intention from the beginning. This glorious place where we could be with our creator and enjoy with Him the things that he made. And it just got all messed up. But He is rebuilding, rescuing, and reclaiming that which was lost. That is the Project. He loves it and wants to enjoy it. And I think He wants us to enjoy it as well. It is good. He is good. And we can be apart of it now. But I think that first we have to recognize Him. Then we have to want Him. Then we have to recognize the kingdom and its reality. Then we have to want to contribute.

Any thoughts?


~ by dallasbpeters on January 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Contributing to the Project”

  1. Hey Dallas,

    It’s funny that your blog entry is about the kingdom, that’s what The Journey’s meeting (church) was about last night.

    Lately I have been in a wierd place; I have the disire to do
    “good” things. Take for instance I have been very interested lately in taking really good care of my body, because I can see what a difference it makes when I get all the proper nutrients my body needs. Another one is also that I have been concerned about the enviornment and I am starting to look into recycling and conserving wherever I can.

    This kind of stuff relates to the kingdom because it is good in a sence. The problem is it has nothing to do with God in my heart. I thought what you said here was interesting…

    “But I think that first we have to recognize Him. Then we have to want Him. Then we have to recognize the kingdom and its reality. Then we have to want to contribute. ”

    I think you put it in the correct order of buisness. First we have to recognize Him. I have been doing it all backwards by recognizing myself and then trying to make things good. Instead I know I need to Recognizing God and the goodness he created and saved me to, and then live in that.

    Well all that is good to say (if it makes any sence at all), but I am having a really hard time recognizing God and yearning for him. It is really troubling, because I so desperately want to. I think I just need to quit being stubborn and trust him.

  2. I am just like you Meaghan. I have all these high and lofty aspirations to change the world and change the way that I live. And then the Lord asked me why? And I thought well because it is good. And I want to parade a belief about the kingdom. And I want others to know that I think differently about the kingdom. All of those things are good. Live well. Eat well. Recycle. I think that they all have eternal products. But I found out that my motives were all wrong. And that I still cared little for the king of this kingdom.

    That is slowly changing. And the more time I spend thining about the king, the more I want to contibute to His kingdom.

    Let’s keep after Him Meaghan.

  3. dallas, i find it amazing and refreshing as i look around these days to see so many people discussing the kingdom of God. of course i find it more amazing when it is being made reality on earth. its more than a few people who are digging into this reality and trying to figure it out as well as bring us with them on the journey. just recently mckinely and mclaren have written about it. rob bell and matthew dyer are preaching and teaching about it. i’m obsessed with understanding what Jesus meant and how i can participate in the kingdom of God.

    thnaks for the thoughts

  4. Hey Dallas,
    I’m finding more and more people talking about the kingdom here on earth and the redeeming of this world. Recently I came upon the problem of a contradiction. I think maybe it’s only a surface issue and there is more to be had than just the face value of it, but none the less it stumped me. Jesus says that he came to bring life and life abundantly(john 10:10), but also he says that he who seeks to save his life will lose it(matt 16:24-28). I guess i just don’t get it. Do I go about living life abundantly which some call hedonism(i think) or live as a monk hoping my monkery will please God?

  5. Andy, Jesus said that he would bring life abundantly. And it seems for me that when I seek my own version of abundant life there is always strife and hurt and death that follows. But when I focus on others and let service and love fill my day I am given abundant life. I can see the tangible things of the kingdom. The abundant things. Things restored, people restored. I know that when I seek my own life, I lose it. When I seek the kingdom first the rest seems to fall in place. This is where an understanding of the kingdom can come in handy. What is is exactly that we are seeking first?

  6. I am glad to see the scriptures being revealed to you and that your communion and communication with God and the Holy spirit have been opened up again.

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