New Years Resolutions

Most of the time I think that New Years Resolutions are sorta cheesy and no one sticks to them so why make them. Are they just something that we talk about arbitrarily and serve no useful purpose. I have been spending some time thinking about the way that I live and how that affects myself and the world at large. What can I do to improve the way that I live and the way that others live because of the way that I live. This year I want to believe that my Resolutions have a deeper more eternal meaning. And that the things that I decide to do today really matter in the grand scheme of things. So here they are…

In case you did not know Tandra and I are expecting a new little one. So eating well and making it part of our lifestyle is really at the forefront right now. Here is a list of things that we are attempting to accomplish in the near future.

    Cut way down in gluten consumption.
    Drink at least 3 glasses of Red Wine per week. Is this what Paul was talking about.
    Eat Breakfast
    Considering buying a juicer.
    Three servings of rich greens per day.

Simple. Going to try to put in 30 minutes 5 times a week.

This one is really complex and not really fully developed as I suppose with a changing environment it never really will be. But I am beginning to think about the ways that I am using up more than my share of the earths resources. (cause I know that I am) I am not on a Green soapboc here just want to be conscious of the decisions that I make everyday that will affect future generations. Have some good leads? I’d love to know what you are finding out about your consumption. So the research begins…

Let me know what yours are. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe you think mine are ridiculous. Either way.


~ by dallasbpeters on January 3, 2007.

One Response to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. hey Dallas, good resolutions. I agree, resolutions in general seem cheesy. But I liked what you said about improving the way you live and thus improving things for others. I was thinking along those lines this year too.

    If we take care of ourselves then we’ll be happier, healthier, more productive individuals and in turn, we’ll have a positive influence on others. Can’t hurt to try it anyway. Besides, there’s enough negative energy in the world already as it is.

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